Why Should Cash be Replaced with Digital Transactions?

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Why Should Cash be Replaced with Digital Transactions?

Nowadays, cashless transactions are being promoted a lot across the country. The government is also engaged in propaganda to promote digital transactions. To make people aware of this, there has been a long list of advertisements on media like TV, newspapers. In that news, people are made aware of what are the benefits of digital transactions. And why we should do more digital transactions than cash transactions.

Ease of digital transactions
Digital transactions are a very convenient and easy way of transaction. All transactions are done very easily through this medium. Wherever you go, it may keep you away from the tension of cash. Through digital transactions, you can pay bills everywhere.

Secured digital transactions
The threat of losing your cash is always there whereas, with digital money in your wallet or bank account it is not possible. If you lose your card, you can block it. Or you can also claim a transaction in which you have been charged by mistake. If you have been cheated and you report it on time, you are likely to get that amount back.

Many financial benefits
To promote digital payment, many offers like cashback, promo codes, refer policies are being given. For example, there are many discounts like discounts on buying petrol, discounts on rail tickets, buying insurance on payment of card. By using digital transactions you may get several benefits as mentioned.

No financial risk
There is a huge chance of corruption in cash transactions. If someone avail of any Govt. scheme and the mode of payment is through cash transaction then there would be a sure space for corruption. The facility of digital transactions is no less than a boon for the people. There is no scope for corruption in the money reaching the beneficiary through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and Public Distribution System (PDS).

There has been a revolution in the field of transactions due to the digital mode of banking. The economy has seen so many benefits so far. There are so many different payment portals that are working to make transactions easy and secure. Zambo is a payment network portal that provides its user’s facility of 3D secure money transfer, prepaid recharge, DTH recharge, Insurance policy. Zambo allows you to pay your bills like electricity bill payment, postpaid bill payment, landline bill payment. If you are looking to shift your transaction online then Zambo is the best option for anyone to start with.

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