Points To Remember While Making Digital Payments

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Points To Remember While Making Digital Payments

Online shopping has changed our shopping methodologies. But with the rise in popularity of the online shopping medium, there has also been an increase in financial fraud and risk. Therefore, it is very important to use your money online wisely to avoid fraud. Here are some tips that can help you protect yourself from cybercrime.

Share data only on trusted websites
You may come across fraudulent websites that masquerade as ordinary websites, so pay attention to spelling mistakes or extra characters in the URL that may seem overlooked or unintelligible. One way to avoid this is by staying away from online shopping or mobile banking. But, this may not be an effective solution in today's world as we are becoming increasingly facilitators. Therefore, pay only on websites that you are familiar with.

Check if the small padlock is green
When using the Internet, pay attention to the green locks in the address bar. The little lock you see there should be green as proof that it's a secure connection and that it complies with cyber security standards. The red-colored lock is a security alert indicator. Click on that little lock to check the security certificate of the website.

Install and Update Latest Security Software
By installing the latest security software on your computer or laptop, you will be notified if there is a security breach or malware attack on your computer. You'll also see pop-ups alerting you of malicious content that could damage your system or steal your data. The efficient software will also remind you to run security scans and checks from time to time and notify you about the latest updates which are necessary to keep your system secure, thereby keeping your online transactions secure. Stay up-to-date with the latest security software and don't compromise on it. Install this security software only from trusted websites with maximum security.

Do not share your personal details
It may seem easy to log into online stores using your email account or social media account, but don't go down the road of registering as a new user. With this, someone's access to your Google account or social media account can be avoided. Without this access, a hacker entering the online store or the interface of the store will not be able to access your data. Remember, most of your banking and other financial activity information is sent to your email account while your social media accounts may also contain some sensitive information. Therefore, eliminating this access will make it more difficult for your information to be misused.

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