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Instant Money Using Smartphone

Due to unwarranted expenses, there may arise a sudden need for money. But don’t worry. If you have your smartphone with you, you can tackle any critical situation.

Here are a few ways how to transfer money instantly without going outside:
With the help of money transfer apps, you can easily make the online transfer directly to your bank account. Since online money transfer through UPI is handy, it not only saves time in an emergency but also helps keep your cash balance. Therefore, no need to go anywhere when you have the smartest money transfer services available right on your smartphone.
● Need a virtual payment address, a simple click, and your online money transfer is done.
● It is easy to access; therefore, it is not necessary to enter the details of each transaction.
● All you need is a smartphone and an uninterrupted internet connection to access the money transfer service.

B. Wallet to bank
Your electronic wallet can help you transfer funds online with just one click. Zambo allows you to online money transfer to any bank account via Zambo wallet. In addition to ensuring better liquidity, it also takes care of your monetary needs. You can easily transfer home/office rents, college fees, hostel fees, security deposits online without delay. Go cashless, stay home and make all your payments in a Zambo wallet.
● Accessible 24×7 for online transfer. You have a bank in your pocket. Make an instant transaction anywhere at any time.
● Fund transfer from Zambo wallet is highly secured. Enjoy safe and secure banking from home.
● Transferring funds online through a wallet requires KYC. Using the Zambo app, you can complete the KYC in a matter of minutes.

So next time, if you need emergency cash – make the smartest choice for yourself! Welcome the easy, instant, and hassle-free life with Zambo. To know more, visit

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