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Instant Money Transfer Using A Smartphone!

There may be an instantaneous need for money because of unwarranted expenses. But don't worry! You are not alone in any censorious scenario when your smartphone is with you.

Here are some approaches how to transfer money whilst staying at home:
1. Fund transfer
Using the money transfer apps, you can effortlessly make the online transfer of money immediately to your bank account whilst in need. As online money transfer via several methods like AePS, Micro ATM, and more is one tap away, it not only saves time in an emergency but also helps you in maintaining cash balance. What is the use of going anywhere when you have money transfer services available right on your smartphone?

Following are some advantages:
● Real-time transfer: Get a digital payment address, a tap, and your online money transfer is done!
● Accessible: No need to fill in the detailed information for each transaction – it is easy to access.
● Low cost: All you require is a mobile phone and internet connection to get the money transfer service.

Wallet to bank fund transfer
You can transfer funds hassle-free from your Zambo digital wallet to any bank account using exclusive modes of services offered by Zambo. Don’t go outside, stay indoors and make all payments, recharges, and fund transfers using Zambo wallet anytime anywhere.

Following are some advantages:
● Quicker and instant: It is like a bank in your pocket that you can access 24×7 for online transfer.
● Low interest: The interest charges are very low as compared to other money transfer apps.
● Safe banking: Fund transfer from Zambo wallet is highly secured. You don’t have to rush anywhere, enjoy safe and secure banking right sitting at home.

No need to stand in long queues and do legal formalities when fund transfer by Zambo is an easy option. Log on to

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