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Digital Transactions - Belief, Experience & Future

Our nation is riding on a new wave of digitized services and payments, signifying a groundbreaking process profoundly situated inside which transactions are done by people and ventures in India. According to the report from Google, Boston Consulting Group, the size of India’s digital payments industry will reach $ 500 billion by 2020, contributing 15% to India’s GDP. In addition, the non-cash contribution in the consumer payments segment will be doubled up to 40% at the same time. It is basic for PSP (Payment service providers) and monetary organizations to carry out measures to further develop the general client experience and their trust in making transactions digitally.

Some areas to focus on while working to create a better customer experience can be defined as follows:

Smartphone Penetration – According to a new report delivered by TRAI, India has crossed the one billion imprints for Smartphone users. With the aggregate exertion by the public authority and private telecom players, the internet will be accessible to the remote corners of the country and that is the thing that will advance the utilization of digital banking bit by bit. With more internet accessibility and better digital proficiency, new users are incited to move to digital payments.

Tokenization – A framework that replaces delicate information with unique identification symbols is as of now reforming the payments framework, using digital wallets, net banking, or payments gateways. It has huge applicability in digital payment applications and gets user data for instant transactions.

Mobile wallets and Apps – Cheap mobile payment choices have changed the way banking has been viewed until now. With almost every Indian bank offering its services through digital applications and considering the push to diminish charges to support payments made digitally, reasonable systems like incorporating UPI on a generally existing application will open up more paths to make quick, authentic payments. Mechanisms such as QR code (Bharat QR) authentication and contactless mobility cards will initiate digitization in India.

Core flexibility: Banks, merchants and e-commerce operators have understood the importance of creating a secure and robust innovation framework to promote customer safety. It is the virtue of consumer behavior that will become the biggest driver of digital adoption. With shopping on the internet, the client has progressed significantly in a limited capacity to save time to utilize UPI for P2A/P2P transactions.

The customer is currently opening up to new types of digital payments, be it net banking or P2P transactions through a mobile application utilizing only one code or a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA). Landing to payment services, with one valid ID, like Aadhaar, empowers every Indian to switch to this groundbreaking peculiarity of digitization.

The proliferation of available hacking techniques and simpler methods of taking advantage of customer information has expanded the dangers implied in the digitization of payments. However, it can't cut down the interest to empower digitization in each sphere of business, education, correspondence, and more. Further developed security conventions and execution of safeguard techniques for customer validation, such as biometric confirmation, digital payments, will make ready for building a genuinely digital economy.

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